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5 Ways to Get Your Smile Summer Ready

As a community, things are slowly coming back to normal from the pandemic. You have probably finished your spring-cleaning, you may be in the process of updating your wardrobe, and planning to go on vacations this summer again. And you know what happens on vacation. Photos and videos. People love to record every stop along […]

Goodbye 2020! Almost!

Can’t wait to put 2020 behind us? Remember to schedule your annual visit before time and insurance runs out.Countdown to 2021  

A COVID-19 Back-to-School Oral Health Checklist for Parents & Kids: Getting back on Track!

As a new school year approaches, we know things can get hectic for busy parents. When many schools closed during the COVID-19 pandemic, daily routines skidded to a halt for many of us, it is easy to let habits change, including regular brushing and flossing. Researchers looked at 8,500 children and found that those with consistent […]

Are you ready for the Big Game? Super Bowl Snacks Your Teeth Will Love and Hate

Are you ready for the Big Game?  A Super Bowl get-together demands super snacks but not at the expense of your teeth.  Lost in the tradition of overeating, complaining about the referees and admiring the advertisements is oral health. In fact, oral health is most likely the last thing on the minds of those watching […]

The Year End Rush: Use Your Dental Benefits Before You Lose Them

Get in early! Schedule your appointments now before the schedule fills up! It’s the end of the year and your family is probably busy, busy, busy. However, it is a good time to evaluate your dental health before you go into the holidays. Most dental insurance companies reset their “benefit year” starting on January 1st. […]

Back to School Dental Tips

Summer is almost over and school is here. Back-to-school can be an exciting time for kids—and parents too! As summer starts giving way to fall, your to-do list begins to fill up: there are clothes to buy, supplies to gather, and get-togethers with friends both old and new. Here are a few tips that can […]

Spring is here… Did you take care of your Smile?

Spring is here… Did you take care of your Smile? Spring is the time when you scrub the baseboards and de-clutter the closets. Here is a different spring cleaning checklist, one for your smile! If it’s been more than six months since you last visited the dentist, then now is the time to schedule a […]

Happy New Year – Ready for a New Smile?

Happy New Year! Hope your 2019 is off to a great start. When you made your New Year’s Resolution this year, chances are you’ve made some commitments to live healthier. Perhaps you’ve resolved to better manage your stress, eat healthier, or visit your dentist every six months. Either way, the New Year is a time […]

78% of adults have some form of periodontal disease!

Did you know that 78% of the adult population has some form of periodontal disease? When gums become infected and inflamed from periodontal disease, bacteria in plaque can spread and grow below the gum line. The bacteria can then enter into the blood stream and travel to major organs and begin new infections. Ongoing research […]

The Art and Science of Dentistry

The staff of Mission View Dental, Milpitas CA recently attended the The Art and Science of Dentistry  convention in San Francisco. This 3 day event presented by California Dental Association (CDA) offers more than 150 courses and workshops, and innovations from 400+ exhibitors. From 3-D printers that are looking to replace labs, to new types […]